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Why choose a local service supplier?

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Respect to the business owners

Most local business owners have limited funds to invest, and they can't compete with the franchises and multinationals. Every time you use a local service or go to a local shop, you show respect to the business owner. Every new customer is not only a source of income, but a confirmation of the quality of their services.

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You get a better service

Most times, a local company will go the extra mile to impress the customer. It will provide a better service, a better customer care, give a discount or simply a better attitude. Why? Because for the local businesses every customer is unique and important! And there's no better advertising for a small business than word of mouth!

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You are giving people jobs

Local businesses employ local people. By shopping local, you keep a business open and give jobs to the people in the area. Next time you want to use a big name for a service, think of the local guy who can fix your sink for example. Think of the smile on his face when he gets paid and knows he can put food on his family's table.

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It shows you care about your community

Supporting local business means that you care about the community you live in. You'll be able to put money back into your community and the other people will call it home, too. It will also give your local economy a chance to thrive.

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Know the people behind the service

And in time, by using the same company for several times, you will end up creating a bond with the person behind the service. You will call your local plumber or your local cleaner as if you were calling your friend. They will know your address, your details, your history. And they will do their best to offer you an extraordinary service each and every time.

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